Canvas Pontiac Contest Categories


A core category since the program began. 

Photography is, and always will be an art form. Oftentimes photos are taken to document or capture a moment in a life or time. In our competition, we examine the photograph in its art form. Photographic art can be a combination of graphics and editing, but it must embody the craft of taking a picture with a camera. 

Artist: Steve Hauptman


Now includes digital art, illustration, murals, and NFTs. 

Handcrafted artwork is the most traditional and oldest form of art. This category includes painting, and it now encompasses digital (graphic design, illustration) and mixed media including assemblages, collage, murals, NFTs, and 3D art/sculptures

Artist: Kate Macinnis


A new category designed for automotive history and art. 

The history of the automobile, and automotive history is well-rooted in the city of Pontiac. To celebrate our auto-heritage we created an automotive-related category. Art entered into any category can also be entered into Automotive. It’s a stand-alone category, but multiple categories can be entered with the same piece. 

Artist: Paul Weideman


Murals are striking pieces art and deserve recognition. 

Murals are incredible works of art on unique canvases. So much talent, effort, design, and honing of a craft are required to produce a beautiful mural. New for 2022, Murals now have their own category to recognize the skill and art of the craft. 

Artist: Emery Bach


Everyone is a student of their craft, some would say an artist is always a student.

*Student Art Contest TBD*

But for the sake of this contest, we help students from all over hone their craft, and experience art as it should be. Student submissions include all categories and are eligible only for currently enrolled students at any level. 

Artist: Jasmine Hensler

Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks.

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks