Contest rules, fees, and information relating to submitting.


General Information

  • We are accepting paintings, drawings, photographs, digital art, NFTs, and mixed media.
  • And Now 3D/sculpture art
  • No submission fees will be refunded. 
  • All works must be submitted digitally. 
  • Qualifying art may be submitted into multiple categories. Automotive submissions may be submitted into photography, mural, or handcrafted categories as well. The entrance fees apply. 



A photograph is defined as a still image taken with a camera. All cameras qualify, including cell phones.

  • Edits are considered part of the art – there are no editing guidelines.
  • All photographs regardless of when it was produced are permitted entrance. 
  • The photograph or copyright must belong to the submitter. 
  • Photos must have a high-resolution original for use in print. 


  • Handcrafted is defined as any painting or sculpture or art produced by hand.
  • The submitted art must be the intellectual property of the entrant. 
  • All handcrafted art, regardless of when it was produced, is permitted entrance. 
  • Acceptable submissions are painted, hand-drawn, digital illustration/graphics, 3D and sculpture art.

Mural Art

  • New for 2022
  • Mural art is specifically defined as a current work of painted art installed on the surface of a building, in public view that has been legally commissioned by the owner. 
  • The mural being submitted MUST be available for public view at the time of submission. 
  • The winner of this category will be commissioned to craft a mural in the City of Pontiac, Michigan. Or will receive prize money of $3,000. 

Automotive Art

  • New for 2022
  • Automotive Art is defined as any photograph, painting, sculpture, or mural related to automotive history, or the industry. 
  • All art regardless of when it was produced is permitted entrance. 
  • Artists will have the option to submit automotive art into either the standard categories or the automotive category. 
  • Production design models are considered sculpture – providing the owner of the design/art is the submitter. 

Entrance Fees

Entry fees are due at the time of submission. Each piece of art requires an individual entry. 

Standard Entry Fee

Applies for Photography, Handcrafted, Mural, and Automotive.


Frequent Questions

All submissions must be a picture of the piece. 

Physical work: Submit a photo of the art. 

Digital/Photographic work: Submit a scaled-down version of the rendered art/photograph. It must be under 3MB. 


Not at this time. Please submit using the submission form. All transactions are secured, and no credit or personally sensitive information is stored on this website. 

Real art – with artistic intent will be judged. The following is a list of art forms accepted: 

  • Photographs: Including film, digital, edited or unedited. 
  • Hand-crafted work: Including art, 3d/sculptures, paintings, illustration
    • Digitally Created: Including Graphic Art, digital illustration, and NFTs. 
  • Mixed Media: All mixed media pieces, are accepted. Mixed media is defined as more than one method, or material was used to create the art piece. 

We have generous 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for each category. (See scholarships for information)

  • 1st Place: $3,000
  • 2nd Place: $2,000
  • 3rd Place: $1,000

Students are selected for scholarship opportunities. There are as many winners as there are scholarships. More information on the scholarships will be forthcoming. 

Students will be given a $500 cash prize, and $2,000 scholarship for an art related program. 


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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks