Detroit GloboBot

Title: Detroit GloboBot Size: 28″ x 48″ Fuji Crystal Archive Maxima, ultraHD Photo Print Edition of 10 and 3 APs Detroit Architectural Photography Featured: The Old Wayne County Building, Penobscot Building, Fisher Building, One Detroit Center, Metropolitan Building, Book Tower, The Guardian Building, GM Renaissance Center, Spirit of Detroit, Fox Theatre, and The National Theatre In 2014, Joel’s 10-year-old son asked him to make something he loved to hang in his room. He then tapped into his own inner child and started to think about all of his former toy robots, which was the inspiration for his first GloboBot series. Once he completed the Dallas GloboBot for his son, Joel went on to shooting some of the most iconic buildings around the world to grow his extensive collection (Amsterdam, Bangkok, Barcelona, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, DC, Detroit, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, Montevideo, NYC, Paris, Phnom Penh, Rome, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto) When Joel sees an urban skyline, he sees all of the pieces (faces, torsos, legs) that inspire him for each GloboBot. He taps into the unseen beauty for each robot, such as corner windows becoming a pair of eyes, or a set of towers to create a pair of legs. “A lot of initial planning takes place. Each city’s architecture is researched and plotted onto a pocket size map. Not just any building can become part of a GloboBot. There needs to be something unique about a structure.”     Joel attended art school in Detroit at the College for Creative Studies, where he fell in love with the mix of historic Art Deco skyscrapers and post-modern neo-gothic spires that make up its skyline. From there, he went on to assist commercial photographers in Los Angeles, where he learned about lighting, set building and film development. This background lead to creative opportunities in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Dallas, Singapore, and New York where he always had a camera by his side. https://www.joelkuntz.com/ https://www.instagram.com/mrglobobot/ Thank you for your consideration!

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks