Heavenly Angels

Heavenly Angels This is made in modern, contemporary style and is a handcrafted sculptural painting. My creations are unique, original ideas that are exactly handcrafted putting thoughts onto base materials. I compose my artwork defining the play of light, colors, shades, postures of subjects, and designs. To show the beauty of facial get-up, I chose the traditional blue color for the boy in bold-face, in order to emphasise colours like sky blue, dark blue and purple. The facial skew is also brought out to show naughtiness, with enlarged, enchanting and, playful eyes. Rare flowers like Peonies are brought in to show their big size, thin petals, and crazily skewed and twisted petals to emphasize the boy’s ebullience. By his side, his 24 karat gold-yellow colored veil is fluttering in the gentle breeze. He gets thus uniquely handcrafted. The golden 24 karat color is also used for the effulgent face of the lady up-front. She is also darting sideway glance bashfully at the boy. Noteworthy is the Love between the two. The boy’s eyes have assumed the skin colors of his girl friend and the girls’ eyes have assumed the colors of the boy. Such is their deep engrossed involvement with each other. They are entangled in each others’ bewitching beauty ! I always try vibrant depictions to project beauty with colour combos. I am the creator, designer, researcher, artist, owner of this exquisite and genuine original work. 16 in W x 22 in H x 3 in D, 2022, Sculpture painting on mdf

Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks.

Made In Pontiac.

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks