Interior of Mercedes B-class touring car in line with the new camping model for the Asian market

Background The project focuses on the young and middle-aged population aged 25-35 with high income and high stress in Beijing in 2023. For these people to design in line with Beijing culture and urban planning of the RV interior service products. The novel interior style and structure also bring new ideas to the current RV interior market, which is accustomed to using wood materials. Through the study of user experience, user travel model and market competitiveness as the main factors. Redesign the interior layout. And explore the “material cost and user experience” of the new balance, decided to more in line with the new era of RV interior combination manufacturing way. The ultimate goal is to expand the diversity of Advanced RV’s target population and RV products. Hypothesis RV interior with emphasis on BBQ, riding and viewing functions. Target users can have the RV experience most suitable for Beijing camping planning. And short-term relief of Beijing’s high pressure living experience of RV. Ultimately reducing stress and the risk of chronic heart disease.

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks