Pay It No Mind

Medium/Method: Photoshop and Acrylic Paint So much of recorded history ignores the leaders and icons of marginalized peoples. So many trailblazers deserved the grandiose portraits of yore, but never got them. The goal of the series this piece is a part of, “Recorded Herstory,” is to take some of the most well known paintings of epic moments in time and replace the subject with a queer icon. These paintings were done by genius’ with a specific message prioritized over accuracy— be it strength, nobility, beauty, or even the divine. Our icons deserve the same treatment. The series is an opportunity to percolate on the fact that despite not being portrayed as some of the world’s most influential members, we are just as deserving.  “Pay It No Mind” is a retelling of Emanuel Leutze’s famed painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware.” The piece is meant to commemorate the first action in a tide turning victory for the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War. Though renowned as largely inaccurate to the actual incident, the piece depicts Washington as how he was revered and remembered: galant, graceful, and an undeniable leader. “Pay It No Mind” replaces the American Flag with the Progress Pride Flag and Washington with Marsha P. Johnson, known for being a trans woman who cast the first brick at the Stonewall Riots in 1969.

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks