Pine Grove (Home of Moses Wisner, Michigan’s 12th Governor)

This is my copyrighted photograph that I shot of Pine Grove, the beautiful mansion of Michigan’s 12th Governor, Moses Wisner, which is located on Cesar E. Chavez Avenue (formerly Oakland Avenue) in Pontiac. When Governor Wisner and his family moved into this Greek Revival Style mansion in 1845, it was on land known as the Saginaw Trail. The mansion is one of many buildings that are housed on the property. The Oakland History Center at Pine Grove now calls the mansion home. The History Center is the home of the Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society, which was founded in 1874. I used my cell phone camera to take the photograph. The only change that I made to the photograph was the color of the sky, which I changed to the patriotic red, white and blue to pay homage to this great politician who was commissioned a Colonel in the 22nd Michigan Infantry after serving his term as Michigan’s governor. The flags that were staked in the front of the tree the day that I shot this photograph in late June of 2022 added to the red, white and blue sky theme. I took many shots; however, I favored shooting Pine Grove from an angle which gives the mansion the grand stance it deserves allowing the viewer of the photograph to see, admire and appreciate the beauty of the structure that would go unseen if viewing it directly standing in front of the mansion. It also allows the viewer of the photograph to appreciate the beautiful tress that are planted on the mansion grounds.

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks