The Ancient Oak

This art work was created on canvas using fabric dyes, powdered charcoal, encaustic medium, “rub-n-buff”, inks and paper and was influenced by the traditional art of wycinanki. Wycinanki ([vɨt͡ɕiˈnaŋkʲi]) is the traditional decorative art of Polish papercutting. Wycinanki originated using shepherd’s sheep shears to cut designs out of tree bark and leather, Shapes, objects and colors have meaning and sometimes tell a story. Wycinanki styles and techniques vary by region and include cutting, clipping, punching, tearing, and carving of paper. The oak tree often appears in the art many cultures, including Polish folk art. It was believed that the oak tree has a soul and represents life itself. Trees also hold meanings of growth and change.

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Made In Pontiac.

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks