Wisdom Teeth

Hi, My name is Maddy, I’m 16 and this piece was inspired by my wisdom teeth removal about a month ago. The materials I used were acrylic paint and model magic clay on a 24″ by 36″ inch canvas. this is my first big painting using acrylic, I tend to do drawing with ink, pens, sharpies, etc. initially I wanted to add more textures than just the 3D eyes, but as I continued to work it just didn’t work out. one of the most chalenging parts about this was trying to stay motivated and paint a little bit every day… which I did not do. I ended up painting randomly until I had about 4 days before I had to submit, due to a trip I am leaving for, that I wouldn’t get back from until the first of September. with still more than half of my painting unfinished i divided the work into the 4 days i had left and I actually finished the day before i leave.

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks