Birdie Expressions !!

This 3-headed Birdie is an imaginative expression of colour combos to extend the concept of the Indian National Bird, namely, the vibrant, exquisitely charming and radiantly colorful Peacock. This work is modern, unique and contemporary. With uniquely colorful feathers, this bird is a visual delight to see when in flight !. The crown, the facial and neck deck-up are noteworthy as a peacock found in nature may not be sporting any of these features ! Most attractive beauty is to be found in the shape of their eyes, black eyebrows, and lashes. The face is as delicately expressful as a lady’s face. The white and black combo for their crowns is especially attractive. The tail feathers are long with thin spread-out strands and the bird is about to launch itself. The feathery wings are thin, delicate and curly. The adopted beautiful expression of colors, head-to-toe, is unique in colors and, shapes. The posture is one for launching itself for its flight with spread out wings and tail in anticipatory ecstasy ! It is an apparently tough exercise to brush it on to canvas after this vivid imagination. However, artists are prolific, creative and are able to put down their thoughts and imaginations well and easily. The colors are dancing around in their minds ! I am the creator, designer, researcher, artist, owner of this exquisite and genuine original work. 12 in W x 17 in H, 2022, Solid oils’ painting on archival canvas paper

Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks.

Made In Pontiac.

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks