Romancing Couple

This handcrafted oil paint on canvas. It is one of my own created masterpieces. It depicts the romance of a couple in their private bower with creeping plants/flowers. Once, a queen of the bowers is busy making a garland of wild, fragrant, rare flowers sitting in a very rare bower. Rare here talks about various seasonal flowers growing unusually in all known seasons of the year !! This is depicting a very ancient private bower. Her tanned partner is seen to be in a flowery draping with a flowery top, to surprise her in a special way !! His face is exceptionally charming with forest organic inguents applied all over his face. They are in private moments all to themselves. The bower is rich with birds of paradise, sunbirds, and birds that could sing beautiful melodies to set the mood for romance ! 18 in H x 22 in W, 0.5 kg, Solid oils, framed canvas.

Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks.

Made In Pontiac.

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks