Birth of a star

A original paint pouring technique to my brand Quality Heart Art. Paint pouring with a funnel and strainer has given my art a beautiful new technique and design by combining normal methods used. 12 x 12 Acrylic paint on canvas. Multiple mediums are blended (floetrol, deco art mediums) and different paints to make custom vibrant colors for every individual pour. Unicorn spit gel stain adds to the vibancy- and I say adds some magic. Metallics give this piece a sheen/shine that sparkles in natural lighting. Varnished for a smooth gloss finish. I consider myself a new artist picking up paint pouring as the art industry opened to this creative method in April of 2020. QualityHeartArt has given me the ability to paint my emotions into color, to share and bring others happiness as it has myself through covid and depression.

Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks.

Made In Pontiac.

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks