This is my copyrighted photograph that I shot of what was once the Community National Bank in Downtown Pontiac which was built in 1921 by renowned architects Smith Hinchman & Grylls who also designed the Detroit Opera House, the Penobscot Building and the Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts. It is now known by its address, “30 North” and has been transformed into “The Treasury”, a gorgeous high-end, upscale wedding venue location which is situated on the beautiful first floors of the former bank and a swank apartment community on other floors. I colorized the building itself in various shades as well as the objects around it including the traffic lights with one of my editing software programs to give it a cartoon-like effect to highlight the beautiful Art Deco Style of this grand structure popular during the 1920’s. I was even able to get an actual photo of the stone slab that was engraved on the front of the building that reads “CNB” between the sixth and 7th floors, which I never noticed until I began working on editing the photograph. I added photographs of actual signs that surround 30 North to make it even more realistic. I also added two of the Canvas Pontiac Posters that are in the downtown area and filled in the glass case with “The Treasury” Event Information on the left of the building. I left the sky untouched just as it appeared on the day that I shot the photograph.

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Celebrating creativity and excellence in artworks